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How to become a sponsor


If you are interested in commercial advertising, please contact Elsie at sales  <at> astrobuysell <dot> com  for details and include the name of your business, your business' web page address, and specify whether you are a manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, or service provider.  The most common method of advertising  is to purchase a banner space (large banner on the main page, small banner on subsequent pages), which includes five classified ads each month.  There is no option to purchase only classified ads for businesses (i.e. banner space must be purchased first). 

Kit Testers:

This is a category for those individuals (not businesses) who like to buy and re-sell for profit.  I came up with the label "Kit Tester" to describe people who buy equipment, fix it or improve it, test it and then re-seller at a profit. But it also applies to anyone whose goal is to sell for profit, regardless of their approach.  Kit Testers cannot have a banner ad, rather a block of classified ads can be purchase. For details contact Elsie as noted above.