UK Astronomy Buy & Sell
Private vs Commercial Advertising

All private, "not-for-profit ads" can be placed free of charge, with some exceptions (see below).
Manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, or service providers (whether full-time, part-time, or spare-time) cannot advertise for free.

Generally, private free ads meet this criteria:

- Single items (not a quantity of the same item)
- Usually the items are used
- The seller does not profit from the sale of the items
- Must be related to the hobby of astronomy

The following types of ads are considered "for profit" therefore cannot be entered for free:

- Multiple quantities of the same item
- Any kind of service
- Refurbishing and re-selling equipment
- Building and selling equipment
- Repeatedly selling items with the intent of making a profit
- Repeatedly selling “brand new, never used” items
- Items on consignment with a dealer or retailer

The following are examples of unacceptable free ads:

- Buying quantities of equipment at a close-out sale and re-selling it on AstroBuySell at a profit
- Buying new or used items on eBay or elsewhere and re-selling them on AstroBuySell at a higher price
- Buying a large quantity of some material / item and re-selling it (whether at a profit or loss) on AstroBuySell, such as:
         - solar film, solar viewing glasses, red film for monitors, Teflon or Kydex plastic, Ebony Star laminate, etc...
- Offering to modify DSLR cameras or web cams for a fee because you are an electronics expert
- Building or refurbishing equipment in your garage workshop and selling it on AstroBuySell at a profit
- Your telescope is for sale on consignment at a dealer and your ad refers people to the dealer.

The above guidelines will be enforced because there are legitimate businesses trying to make a living by selling astronomy equipment. These businesses have large overheads (rent, salaries, taxes, advertising, etc) to pay and do not deserve to be undercut by spare-time “dealers” who don’t have any of these expenses.  Please support our astronomy retailers and dealers… without them we’d have nowhere to buy our equipment.

How to Become a Sponsor:

If you are interested in commercial advertising, please contact Elsie at sales <at> astrobuysell <dot> com  for details and include the name of your business, your business' web page address, and specify whether you are a manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, or service provider. Advertising  entails purchasing a banner space (large banner on the main page, small banner on subsequent pages). After purchasing the banner space you can place up to 5 commercial classified ads per 30-day period.  There is no option to purchase only classified ads (i.e. banner space must be purchased first).