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Status: Active  Ad Category: Mount-Pier-Tripod  Ad # 73777
Mesu 200 Mk II
New in Crate + Accessories
Observatory Class Mount

Brand New Mesu 200 Mk II Mount and Accessories!

Completely new unit - compare to other observatory class mounts for price and wait times - unbeatable quality and value.

Mount in Original Shipping Crate.
Includes Sitech Controller, Hand Pad, Wiring, RA and Dec Assemblies, Saddle, Mount bar and ring, Counterweight Bar. Also includes New Mesu Variable Latitude Wedge for portable or observatory use (100kg design payload capacity).

Unique Opportunity to get a high quality mount model with no waiting - same as we have used for award winning Astrophotography and Exoplanet Transit measurements.

No gears, friction drive - zero backlash. Supported by Mesu as original purchase. Best Value High Quality Mount Available. No more tracking and guiding problems caused by gear drives.

Through-mount cable routing - excellent design.

Shipping from me to you not included - Already in Canada. Better yet - come pick it up!

No further importation or duty charges or related paperwork required.
Counterweights not included.

Available now

Price: $11,450
Posted on: 2024-03-17 17:30:11
Last Updated on: 2024-03-28 10:50:29
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