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Optolong L-eXtreme filter 2’’ for sell
I’m selling my Optolong L-eXtreme filter, 2’’. It’s in excellent condition and gave me very good pictures. I’m asking 300$ for it, shipping included anywhere in Canada. Payment via e-Transfer / Interact. Thanks for looking.

L-eXtreme is a two 7nm bandpass filter which can be used with one-shot color cameras (OSC) like DSLR's (digital SLR) and monochrome CCD cameras, it is also more suited for fast systems. The convenience and cost effectiveness of this filter allows amateurs to image a rich emission nebula, even in bright, light pollution skies. Optolong believes the design of L-eXtreme filter would be better choice for fast systems in competitive price. It isolates the H-Alpha, and Oxygen III nebula emission lines so that the contrast and signal-to-noise ratio between nebulae were maximized. For people who is living in very light polluted areas, or when the moon is out, the L-eXtreme will be a good filter.
Price: $300
Posted on: 2023-01-24 20:12:25
Last Updated on: 2023-01-26 08:28:22
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