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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – updated Feb. 21, 2017

How do I enter an ad?
Click on "Log In / Post Ads" from the menu (at the top left of any page). Then sign-in using your user name and password, then click on "Place Ad" from the top menu. If it is your first time using AstroBuySell, you will first have to register.  Follow the “Register” link from the top menu on any page.

Is placing ads really free?
Yes. All private, not-for-profit ads can be placed free of charge, but there are some exceptions.  See below and see the terms of use for more information.
Manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, or service providers  (whether full-time, part-time, or spare-time) cannot advertise for free.

Can dealers advertise personal items for free?
No. A dealer must become a paying sponsor whether selling business inventory or personal items.

What are "featured ads"?
These are pay ads. The advantage of "featured ads" is that they are featured on the front page of AstroBuySell.  Featured ads also appear on top of the listing and never "sink to the bottom", thus they are much more prominent and cannot be missed by prospective buyers!  See this link for complete details. Featured ads are not available to commercial advertisers.

How do I look at the ads?
From the menu (at the top of any page) click on "Browse Ads". On that page, you will have several choices. The most used choice is the "Show All ### Ads (starting with most recent)". Click here for step-by-step instructions. This option will show you all ads from most recent to oldest. Otherwise you can specify exactly what you want to see by selecting from the menus on that page. For example, if you want to see all refracting telescopes for sale that are still "active" in Toronto; from the menus select: "Telescope - Refractor", "For Sale, "Active", "Toronto, ON", then click the "Submit Query" button at the bottom of that page.

How do I see the details for each ad?
When browsing the ads, you will only be shown the "preview" for each ad. To read the full details of an ad, click on "For Sale" or "Wanted" or "For Trade" in the second column.

Can I delete my ad after I sell/find my item?
No. You can mark your ad "sold" or "found" or “cancelled”, then archive your ad.  When you archive your ad, your contact information is no longer shown! The reason we do not allow ads to be deleted is because the accumulation of ads creates an excellent reference database for used astronomical goods. By browsing old ads, one can see the availability and pricing of used equipment. Note that ads are automatically archived after 3 months.

How do I delete my registration record?
Send an email to the webmaster asking to have your registration deleted.  NOTE:  you should probably archive any current adverts.  If you don’t archive current adverts, your contact info will still show in the current adverts, even though you have deleted your registration record.

Why don't you have a rating system for sellers / buyers?
This has been requested many times over the years, often referencing web sites that have rating systems, such as eBay.  Please keep in mind that eBay has billions of dollars and thousands of employees behind it, while AstroBuySell is run by a single person (part time) with the help of one volunteer!
Unfortunately a rating system is a mine field to administer - when there is a disagreement in a transaction and negative feedback is left, I am sure I will be pulled in to mediate.  How could I possibly mediate when I'm not part of the transaction?! How could I possibly know who's right and who's wrong?!
Another concern is that dishonest people will find a way to enter fake positive feedback about themselves.

What are the guidelines for FREE ads?
Complete guidelines are listed here. Generally, free advertising is typically for items that meet this criteria:
- Single items (not a quantity of the same item)
- Usually the items are used
- The seller does not profit from the sale of the items
- Must be related to the hobby of astronomy

What do you consider inappropriate free advertising?
- Multiple quantities of the same item
- Any kind of service
- Refurbishing and re-selling equipment
- Building and selling equipment
- Repeatedly selling items with the intent of making a profit
- Repeatedly selling “brand new, never used” items
- Items on consignment with a dealer or retailer

What are some examples of inappropriate free advertising?
- Buying quantities of equipment at a close-out sale and re-selling it on AstroBuySell at a profit
- Buying new or used items on eBay and re-selling them on AstroBuySell at a higher price
- Buying a large quantity of some material / item and re-selling it (whether at a profit or loss) on AstroBuySell, such as:
         - solar film, solar viewing glasses, red film for monitors, Teflon or Kydex plastic, Ebony Star laminate, etc...
- Offering to modify DSLR cameras or web cams for a fee because you are an electronics expert
- Building or refurbishing equipment in your garage workshop and selling it on AstroBuySell at a profit
- Your telescope is for sale on consignment at a dealer and your ad refers people to the dealer.

Why are you so strict about for-profit-advertising?
Because there are legitimate businesses tying to make a living by selling astronomy equipment. These businesses have large overheads (rent, salaries, taxes, advertising, etc) to pay and do not deserve to be undercut by spare-time “dealers” who don’t have any of these expenses.  Please support our astronomy retailers and dealers… without them we’d have nowhere to buy our equipment.

Can businesses place ads?
Yes, but first you must become a sponsor. Note that there is a small charge for placing commercial classified ads in addition to the the sponsorship charge.

How does my business become a sponsor?
See this page: Commercial Advertising (last section)