How to browse the adverts:

From the Home Page you can click on the "QUICK START: View all Current Adverts - starting with most recent" link. This will show you ALL the adverts from the most recent to the oldest.

When you are browsing the adverts, you will notice that there is one advert per line. This is just the summary page for each advert, where only a brief description of the advert is shown. If you want to read the entire advert, click on the underlined "For Sale" or "Wanted" or "For Trade" and the entire advert will be shown in a new window. When you are done reading the details of an advert, close that window to return to the summary page and continue browsing.

That's it!! There is nothing more to it.

More detailed browsing:

If you want to get fancier, you can select your browse parameters from the "Browse Ads" link, located at the top of any page. For example, say you want to look at all reflecting telescopes that are for sale (and are still NOT sold) in Brisbane. From the pull-down menus on the "Browse Ads" page, select the following:

Advert Category: "Telescope: Reflector"
Advert Type: "For Sale"
Advert Status: "Active"
City: "Brisbane"
Then click on "Submit Query"

Only adverts matching the above criteria will be shown, from newest to oldest.