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ZWO EFW 8 position + LRGB & SHO

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For SaleZWO 7 Position electronic filter wheel 36mm.
comes with full set of LRGB and ZWO HSO Narrow band filters
For SaleDew Heater for Telrad$30
For SaleKendrick Dew Heater strap for 5" refractor$75
For SaleSigma APO 170-500mm, f/5-6.3 Canon EF Mount Lens
For SaleEXOS2-GT Equatorial Mount with PMC-Eight GoTo System by Explore Scientific $980
For SaleQHY 163M Astro-Camera, Integrated QHY Filterwheel and Optolong Filters$1950
For SaleTelescope Celestron Advanced VX 8" EdgeHD$2000
For SaleCamera QHY16200A Mono + CFW7 (without filters)$1000
WantedOptolong L-Enhance filter 2’’$0
For SaleSkyWatcher Star Adventurer 2i Pro Pack $375

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My name is Paul and I am an amateur astronomer just like you!

I am an experienced deep sky observer and I have logged over 1000 deep sky objects in over 40 years of observing. My main telescope is a Meade LX200 GPS 10-inch, but I also own a 12-inch GSO Dobsonian, a 10-inch SkyWatcher Dobsonian, a 5-inch SkyWatcher reflector, a Celestron NexStar 114GT, and an Orion 80ED.

In June 2005 I took the plunge into imaging and purchased a Meade DSI Pro CCD camera. In November 2007 I purchased a Meade DSI Pro II camera. So far I am having a blast as I am able to obtain decent images, even from light-polluted skies!

In May 2007 I built a backyard observatory. I am now spending much more time under the stars than ever before!!

At the left are some of my recent images. All taken with the Orion 80ED and a Meade DSI Pro II from light polluted skies:

I hope you like AstroBuySell and that you find it easy to use. Please let your astronomy friends know about it!!

Clear Skies,

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