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Hypercam 183C camera's in stock NOW!
20MP colour camera with cooling!
Only at Ontario Telescope and Accessories


Altair Astro released a 20 mega pixel color camera with cooling a few months ago. Every time we brought cameras in the quickly sold out, and mostly to customers in the USA.

The Altair Hypercam IMX183 is a 20mp astronomy camera, featuring amp glow reduction, and low read noise, producing extremely smooth, detailed images.

We sent one to Trevor at to try out. He's not returning it, even after we asked nicely! check out his work on There is also a video at our site. Follow the link below.

The Hypercam 183C is a colour camera with a Sony IMX183 20 mega pixel colour sensor. It is a passively cooled camera that runs on USB 3.0.

USB3.0 speed and USB2.0 reliability: USB3.0 and on-board memory buffering give much faster transfer speeds than USB2.0 cameras, however, if like most imagers, you prefer to use longer and more flexible USB2.0 cables for better tracking and reliability with a USB2.0 hub, no problem! The Hypercam is completely compatible with USB2.0 protocol. Just install the software, and off you go!

Easier than a DSLR and no "astro modding" required: Hypercam is much easier to use and focus than a DSLR, thanks to the live preview mode in AltairCapture and SharpCap software. You can see a tiny star clearly in real-time, because there is no video compression.

Unlike a DSLR, there's no need to modify your camera to capture detail in red hydrogen wavelengths, because it has no red blocking filter in the way. There are no clumsy power connectors, no mirror to lock up, and a "true" RAW mode output. You get what this Sony sensor sees.

I personally use Astrophotography tool ver 3.35. Focusing with this camera is a snap when using live view mode! Add a Bahtinov mask and you are in razor sharp focus in a mater of seconds.

Need a light pollution filter to go with this camera? Just ask us...we can help you sellect the proper filter for your area.

SPECIAL OFFER! FREE 1 YEAR SharCap PRO License with all Altair Hypercam 183C Cameras!

Check out the Website for spec information

Give us a call or email us with any questions

Thank you for shopping at Ontario Telescope and Accessories
A proud supporter of Public Outreach, the RASC and other Astronomy clubs across Canada.

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Posted on: 2017-09-05 23:16:58
Last Updated on: 2017-09-05 23:25:47
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