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SOLD..Thanks Bruce !....William-Optics 132mm F7, FLP-53 central glass Tripplet APO with TMB designed Optics and FeatherTouch upgra
William-Optics 132mm F7, FLP-53 central glass Tripplet APO with TMB designed Optics and FeatherTouch upgrade.

Asking $ 3500 Cdn firm...(SOLD)
Bought new in April 2007 during NEAF at the W-O booth for $ 4000 USD.
Changed focuser to a large 3.5” FeatherTouch model 3545 ( + $ 900 USD)

Comes with case, 2 mounting rings, 2 inch Dielectric diagonal from William-Optics, 2 inch extention tube, Vixen dovetail plate and 2” to 1.25” adaptor. (See pictures but Tripod/head and eyepiece not included)
Case shows some scratches and marks but has no dents. I did use it a lot. There is some rust on the corner edges because it was always stored in my un-heated garage year-round to be as close to ambient temp all the time. (I live in the Montreal area)

Some very faint ring marks on the OTA despite my attemps to wash away with water only. Not visible when the rings are on.

One tiny scratch on the dew shield (see photo)

No dust on outside lens. There are a few dust specs (Hard to see on picture) on the furthest inside lens (Not between the lenses).

No test data available but I have star tested it with an artificial star and a few sky targets:
Artificial star (Gold colour Christmas-tree ball as well as stainless steel polished ball bearing held on a tripod, in full sunlight (See picture) , 440 feet away from telescope (Overkill) and over snow covered grass in late December. Not windy at -10’C//+12’F). The SS ball bearing was a harder test and the results below are with the SS bearing artificial star:

Using TMB Super-Monocentric 5mm ep gives 185x power and without the 2 inch diagonal , the diffraction rings are perfectly round inside/outside of focus and very simmetric. Optics not pinched at all even at -10’C (+12’F). The collimation is dead-on with all the rings concentric. No astigmatism visible at 185x close to focus as well as further away from focus. No chromatic aberration seen on the edge of the Stainless Steel defocused artificial star. There was a tiny bit of chromatic aberations using a 5mm Nagler type 6 at the edge of the FOV giving the same magnification. Then I focused on a tree branch with blue sky background at 185x using the same two ep and saw no chromatic aberations. Even at 369x with a 2.5mm Nagler without the diagonal , I cannot see any colour distortion visible along tree blanches against blue sky. The reason the SS bearing shows some at 185x is likely due to the intensity of the artificial star or the use of an extremelly wide FOV ep . You can repeat these tests for yourself using the same Tele-Vue ep type and value and a beautifull shiny ball bearing. Make sure the scope has cooled down first. You can star test for that too (See Suiter Star testing book…Fantastic book !)

January 8 with an 11 days old Moon on my Meridian at 61 deg above my horizon (from Montreal latitude). About -20’C (8’F) and no wind (was gratefull for that). With a 5mm TMB Supermonocentric ep and this time with the use of the diagonal, no CA visible anywhere at 185x. then with a TV 5mm Nagler (still 185x), no CA visible in center of FOV but some razor thin green towards the edge of the FOV on the lit side of the Moon. None seen on the terminator even when towards the edge of the FOV. Then with a TV 2.5 mm Nagler (369x), there was some green on the lit edge of the Moon when that feature was centered in the FOV. But it was very thin and not distracting and still very enjoyable to see the other Moon features at 369x using a completely cooled-down telescope. Really nice views !

Venus was too low in my sky (28 deg above my horizon and just passed the Meridian) and showed CA at 185x at the North and South poles of Venus indicating atmospheric induced CA. Target was too low in my sky. Same for Sirius and Rigel at 185x. They were even lower in my sky at my latitude. If CA was seen horizontally (at the 3 and 9 o'clock positions on the target), it would have indicated CA from the optics. Remember that no CA visible on a brighter and higher Moon at 185x. Despite the atmospheric induced CA, I was able to see easily the very gentle bow of Venus terminator (has not reached dichotomy on Jan 8) and a small fuzz on Venus terminator indicating an atmosphere. Rigel’s companion was easily split at 185x

Selling to raise cash to buy a TEC-140. Sorry no trades (Need the cash)
Personal cheques, Money order. Sorry I don’t have Paypal. No wire transfers please. The cheque must clear before I ship. You pay shipping and I will box it very well or we can meet depending where you live.

Sorry for the lenghty text but now you know how well this telescope actually performs.

Thank you for looking

Pierre Tournay
Hudson, Quebec
Price: $3,500
Posted on: 2017-01-11 11:48:24
Last Updated on: 2017-02-05 17:26:57
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