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For Sale
Status: Active  Advert Category: Telescope-Reflector  Advert # 3189
Meade 16-inch Lightbridge Argo Navis ready plus Dew Heater
Meade 16-inch Lightbridge bought in 2014

Note: Argo Navis encoders fitted plus cables but NOT the Argo Navis Computer

*[I'd like to sell relatively locally and I can transport the telescope to meet a buyer. Long distance buyers - we will have to make arrangements and look into costs.]

•Fitted with Argo Navis encoders and cables (AN itself not included)
•Secondary mirror dew heater, heater control and connection for a 12-volt battery
•Telrad base (NOT the Telrad itself)
•For viewing in light polluted areas, I use a cover of lacquered cardboard fitted to the telescope with Velcro tape – this is not necessary at dark sites although it can provide dew protection for the primary mirror
•The rubber feet on the base of the rocker-box have been replaced with solid locking rubber wheels for easy movement and stability on a hard, flat surface - original rubber will be provided to the buyer
Price: $1,990
Posted on (ET): 2018-01-07 11:10:56
Last Updated on (ET): 2018-01-07 11:31:20
Contact: Andrew Wood   (user details & view my other adverts)
Phone Number (optional):
Location: Wollongong, New South Wales

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