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For Sale
Status: Active  Advert Category: Accessories  Advert # 3172
SG-4 Autoguider FOR SALE
I am reluctantly selling my SG-4 Autoguider that I bought 2nd hand on AstroBuySell just over a year ago as I am funding a new telescope purchase and now have less need for it since purchasing a QHY5L-II Mono.

Make me a reasonable offer....and I will ship at buyers expense.

This unit works perfectly and has everything you need to connect and calibrate (including Keyspan), and start autoguiding with your chosen guidescope.

The item description I have taken from the Diffraction Limited website.

This is an awesome piece of kit if you want a stand alone guider in the field without the need of a computer!

SBIG began with the ST-4 autoguider over 20 years ago. This venerable stand-alone unit is still used by many for digital astrophotography. We now offer the SG-4 standalone autoguider.

After two decades of experience making self-guiding cameras and autoguiders, we have developed the SG-4 for those who just donít want to use a computer to guide or image with their digital camera or non-self-guiding CCD camera. The SG-4 is made to piggy-back on your scope and perform its guiding functions without being connected to any external computing device. Simply attach the tracking cable between the SG-4 and your telescope driveís autoguider input and plug in the 12V power and its ready to go. An RS232 port will allow an initial setup for your particular scope and drive after which operation is completely independent.

Stand-alone configuration, no control computer
Perfect for DSLR users
KAI-340 CCD 640 x 480 @ 7.4u
Low read noise and low dark current
Single button operation
Mechanical shutter for automatic dark frames
RS232 port for image download and setup
Optional Serial to USB adapter

If you have any questions or wish to make an offer please do not hesitate to call or text me.
Price: $450
Posted on (ET): 2017-11-11 17:50:40
Last Updated on (ET): 2017-11-11 17:56:25
Contact: Brendan J   (user details & view my other adverts)
Phone Number (optional): 0414750083
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

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